Compression Socks

After a long day of walking through stores and running errands, your feet and legs may feel completely exhausted. Instead of paying a for a long and expensive massage to relive the throbbing, and aching, a simple pair of compression socks can rejuvenate your feet and blood flow.


Compression socks are made of tightly woven material which form an elastic type sleeve. When they are put on your feet, the pressure forces surface blood to flow though secondary vessels thus improving circulation. The resulting feel is like a mini-massage, with blood flow being pressurized throughout your body.


These socks originally were invented to promote blood circulation in diabetic patients. Soon after, the general benefits of compression on muscles became apparent and are now marketed to a mainstream audience. As a result, compression socks are used in all walks of life, including professionals such as nurses who spend a large amount of their work day on their feet, and athletes looking for quicker recovery and relief from an intense work out.


The use of compression materials in especially popular in the medical field. Patients who have poor circulation in their extremities or are recovering from a knee replacement and other types of leg surgery, routinely benefit from the use of a compression stocking called a TED hose stockings. The main purpose of these Thrombo-Embolic-Deterrent stockings differ from the temporary pain and discomfort relief offered by compression socks. Instead, TED hose stockings’ main purpose is to prevent blood clotting, which often occurs as a result of the required inactivity during recovery from a medical procedure.


Compression socks can be purchased at just about any retail store which sells clothing along side the workout clothing and gear. In addition, many brands are available at specialty medical supply stores and on the Internet. Just like any piece of clothing, these socks can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and materials. Additionally, they can also be purchased in a variety of different compression pressure ratings.