Maternity Support Hose

Pregnancy and motherhood obviously puts a large amount of stress on a woman’s mental and physical being. Fortunately, part of the physical stress in the legs and feet can be revived with maternity support hose.


These special hose are actually compression garments which apply pressure to the legs and feet. This pressure results in greatly increased blood circulation which helps relive pain and discomfort in the legs and feet. In addition, maternity support hose can help prevent blot clotting as well as help minimize varicose veins and the uncomfortable swelling which usually results from pregnancy.


Maternity support hose are usually made from a Lycra and nylon blend and come in varying levels of support: the higher the level of support, the more restrictive the hose will be. With their reinforced toes and heals, and the fact that they also come in all different colors and sizes will make maternity support hose an easy substitute for traditional pantyhose.