Support Hose for Men

With the wear and tear men put on their bodies on a day to day basis, the aches and pains they feel in their legs and feet can catch up with them easily. This can effect a man’s mood, performance at work and in the bed room.


Fortunately there is a simple and affordable solution which does not require surgery or buying special medial equipment: support hose for men. Certainly, based on its name, it does not sound like a very masculine product. However for the male with the throbbing feet, one session with support hose for men will make them quickly forget about any male identy insecurities they may have had.


These special socks differ greatly from ordinary socks in that they have the strength to compress the feet, ankles and calf. Simply wearing these compression socks will greatly increase the blood flow in the legs and feet and provide instant relief to the throbbing feet.


Support hose for men are available in numerous styles, colors, sizes and are carried in most common retail chains which also sell traditional socks and footwear. Unfortunately, the prices of these compression hose will be at least 3-5 times higher than that of regular socks, but you definitively get whet you pay for in this case.


For added support, support hose for men can be purchased in an ‘over the calf’ style. The befits of this style provide compression to the calf and upper leg, thus prompting even more blood circulation than the sock style support hose for men.